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Are launches really worth it?

How does the word “launch” make you feel, my friend? If your answer reflects nerves, fear or doubt – that’s okay! I’m writing this today to show you why launching is actually totally freaking awesome… even of you’re an introvert and even if are are just starting out.

Here are FIVE reasons why our Launch Experience Method® is worth it:

  1. You get to make an incredible experience for your perfect people. It will feel in alignment with your values and NOT sleazy, spammy or salesy.
  2. Get brave with going live. Your Launch Experience is an ideal way to practice going live and teach your zone of genius!
  3. It is a great generator for large chunks of revenue. This is amazing for scaling your business.
  4. You will come out of the other side of a launch with tons of wins, what ever the result. There is no such thing as a launch flop, just new experiences and learnings. Which is a HUGE win!
  5. You can create an impact in your industry by doing business the right way.

We also asked some of our team: “How do you think the Launch Experience Method® has impacted Love To Launch® and / or your life?”

Our Project Manager Jen said…

“For me, launches have opened my eyes to just how many different types of entrepreneurial businesses there are out there. I love how we welcome people into our world, get to know them within our community, and work side by side with them as they do their own launches.”

Our Content Creator Megan said…

“Launches have allowed me to grow and get more confident in taking charge of design tasks and stepping into my role in the team. The experience I have gained during launches is invaluable.”

Launches can create freedom for you as a business owner, your team, and your families. They give you flexibility to take a few months slower than others rather than hussle hussle hussle (which will inevitably lead to burnout). We don’t expect you to confidently march into a launch, especially if you are new to this, but we encourage you to be brave and take the leap to growth and scale!

Not sure if launches are right for you? Talk to us!

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