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How to become visible online and find your dream customers

How to become visible

In the previous articles of this series I talked about the importance of having a voice in business and how to add value.

However, even if you have voice and show value to your audience, you still need to have visibility.

What does it mean to have visibility?

Visibility means to be seen by your ideal customers. The internet is a huge part of our lives now and the first place people look for what they need. This makes visibility important if you want to increase the size of your audience and sales.

Where to find your dream customers online

The obvious place to start is social media, but with increased competition look at niche platforms instead of the obvious ones likes Facebook and Twitter. A great place to discover niche platforms is the conversation prism.

Conversation PrismLook for niche sites to dominate as you’ll have far more success in launching and selling digital products. Keep your focus on a small part of your market instead of trying to cover most of it, go 1 mile deep instead of 1 mile wide.

When you find the right social media platform for your business, you’ll engage with your ideal customers far more effectively.

How to become more visible

To become more visible there are easy wins such as building relationships with other companies who serve your niche. Their product may compliment your own. Having relationships with other influencers means that you both can advertise each other’s products and therefore reach a much wider audience.

You need to share content on these platforms using your unique voice and adding as much value as possible. You simply won’t be visible unless your marketing strategy is focused on all three v’s – voice, value and visibility.

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