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Should I create my course in advance?

Should I create my whole course in advance?

Personally I never create something in full in advance the first time I launch something.

And the reason I say that is because if you spend all of your time creating a big huge course, making absolutely everything perfect, and then you launch it and realise 2 weeks in that you have to change your content you’ve wasted a LOT of time.

There is no point in spending all that time creating something that could change.

So the first time you launch something you could let people know that this is the first time you’ve ran this course and you’ll be creating the product as you go.

You might think that your customers would be annoyed with that, but the truth is, if you’re honest and transparent about the fact that you’re doing this for the first time they really won’t mind!

There are lots of benefits for them…

  • They get to be involved with a product that is being created, and that is an exciting process!
  • They get to shape the product and make it however they need it.
  • And how about they get a massive discount for joining your very first round of your course!

As well as access to the final finished product?

Not quite such a bad thing now is it?!

When you do this, and then deliver on the product you’re going to have an amazing satisfaction rate. Your customers are going to love you, and they’ll become your most loyal brand ambassadors.

And, you’ve not spent a year creating a course that you didn’t need to.

The whole point of doing a beta course like this is to test your idea.

You could be halfway through delivering the product to your customers that you realise that things need to change.

Therefore having flexibility, through being honest and transparent about it from the outset, means that your customers are going to be far more understanding about changes… in fact, they’d be expecting it.

You can still be well prepared by creating a good portion of your product in advance, and then creating the rest once you start to see how your customer is responding to the product.

By creating as you go if you realise something does need to change to help your product deliver on its promise you can add bonus content to achieve this.

For example if you create a landing page design course and you realise that most people don’t even have a logo and they’re struggling to get their page created as a result of that and therefore can’t complete the course… how about giving them a logo design course as a bonus?

One thing I always do during my courses is add in feedback loops throughout by adding “course check ins” at the beginning and end of each module to

  • Assess where someone is at right now and understand their benchmarks.
  • Review where someone got to and whether they achieved what you intended.

This will help you to assess on a smaller level whether you are delivering results and its a nice way for your customers to monitor their own progress.

If you can deliver small wins throughout the course of the use of your product, you’re going to have very happy customers (and a lower refund rate).

This feedback, whether good, bad or terrible will help you create amazing products and serve your customers far better so make sure you use it!

Finally, when you create a course based on what your customer needs rather than what you think you need to include – you’re going to be far less inclined to aim for unneccessary perfection.

Get it launched and perfect as you go.

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