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Diversity, equity and inclusion at Love To Launch

This is a public statement dated June 5th 2020 by Love To Launch founder, Laura Phillips.


I’m incredibly saddened and angered by the suffering of the black community and I see the systemic global changes that need to take place and I support them. I will no longer be quiet about what I witness and I stand with the black community.

We’ve been focused on “doing” the work in our company.

I’ve spent a lot of time checking in with my community and sharing my commitments to my black friends and clients.

As well as learning, reading, re-educating and questioning my own white privilege.

And in my company we are BEING solidarity by helping to dismantle systemic racism with our actions.

With love being our strongest company value we are doing this because we love our community and want things to change.

I want to be a powerful ally to the black community.

We’re committed to BEING equity, inclusion and diversity in our company (both as individuals and as a team) and we’re in this for the long-haul.

This is our public commitment.

We’re invested in doing the necessary work with training, re-education and hiring the right people to support us as we make the long-term changes.

It isn’t enough just to say we support it – we are committed to instilling these values and policies into all the areas of our company.

Sharing a black square on social media is one thing, but to actually commit to doing the work is another.

Laura x

P.S. If you are interested in learning more about the specific work we are doing, and to start to undertake that work yourself…. Please email and we will connect you with the educators / professionals that we are working with and can provide resources to help you.