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Finding your perfect match.

No… we aren’t on about Tinder (sorry!).

I’m writing today to talk about finding your PERFECT customer – the one who makes you go “this is why I flipping do what I do.”

Any marketer will tell you the importance of knowing your target customer, but I want to go deeper than that. This is about your dream client. It is so important to have your dream client nailed – it will transform your content. Your copy can be written as a personal letter for your dream client, your social media posts can be tailored to this dream client – after all, you’ll know EXACTLY what they like.

It can feel a little overwhelming to try and figure out who exactly you want in your business world, so I’ll share 5 things to consider when understanding who your dream client is.

5 things to consider about your dream client:

  1. What are their goals in life?
  2. What is their biggest fear when it comes to the problem that you solve?
  3. What have they already tried to fix the problem that you solve?
  4. What external challenges are stopping them from taking action?
  5. What internal challenges are stopping them from taking action?

Write the answers to these questions down.

Getting clarity on these points will transform how you view your dream client. Your marketing and sales pitches will feel much easier, now that you have an understanding of WHO you are selling to.

Say goodbye to feeling salesy – because you know that what you are selling is going to transform the lives of your customers.

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