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Finding Your Voice Online: How To Start From Zero

Starting the process of finding your voice online when you’re just starting out can be daunting. But here’s the thing: we all start from zero. All of us, including the ‘big hitters’ of the world, start in exactly the same position.

But where we do all differ from each other is that we all have our own unique story. So it’s important that we use our voice in order to connect with others who might need help or inspiration themselves. These people can become your tribe, your audience.

There are plenty of different ways to find your voice, and it might take you a while to figure out what type of content resonates with you and with your people. It may also take time to work out which social media channels are best for you, and where your audience hangs out.

Here are some simple tips that helped me find my own voice online, and allowed me to gain that confidence whilst I was building my business.

Start conversations

Start conversations, whether via DMs on social media, comments on posts, or in-person.


You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to start getting to know people this way, and how receptive they are to being reached out to. But take your time, follow them for a while, comment on their posts before you contact them directly.

Conversations with my tribe is also where I get a lot of my content ideas from. I found that a lot of people have the same struggles, the same launch fears to overcome, and this is where I can help.

The truth is that many of us struggle online, just like we did offline before social media came along and made it easier for us. But you don’t need to. Whether you’re looking at Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook, these are all places where you can find your voice and have an impact from day one!


Get in the #BeDoHave mindset.


To be successful, you need to show up and do what successful people do in order to have success.

It’s not about how much time or money you have, it’s about the mindset that will get us what we want in life. The #BeDoHave mindset shifts your focus from “I don’t have enough experience at this” to “I can do this, there’s no difference between me others in my field”.

Start showing up, posting content, joining conversations.

Dedicated time

Set aside dedicated time in your calendar for showing up online.


This dedicated time every day changes your focus from ‘I don’t have enough time’ to ‘what am I going to do with this hour?’ It shifts your focus away from being negative, and focuses on being productive. It’ll grant you that distraction-free time to show up and be you.

This is time that’s yours, for nothing but showing up online. Share it with your fledgling community – they want hear from you! And they will want you to be successful.

Remember, everyone starts from zero. It’s something we all have in common and it’s a fantastic opportunity to start showing the world who you are. Start having those conversations, get into the #BeDoHave mindset and set aside as much time as you can to show up online and start attracting your people.

So start showing up and share your voice. The internet is waiting for you!

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