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How to find your niche in business

You have to find your niche in business if you want to sell lots of digital products, attract a tribe of super-fans and create the kind of impact you dream of!

Being all things to all people is a sure-fire way of ending up stuck on the hamster wheel of content creation, not attracting the right customers and not becoming an influencer in your industry.

So if you’re ready to discover how to find your niche in business, read on…


What is niching down?

Niching down means to find a specific market or area that you can provide a service to. It used to be that as consumers we were forced to find the local person or company that offered the service we needed and work with them. In the interconnected world we now live in this is no longer the case; you can find people from all over the world that have specific skills and offer the product or service you need. For that reason, you need to find your niche in the market rather than trying to be a one-stop-shop for everything and everyone.


Think about what you’re good at and what you’re passionate about

If you’re going to be running a business day in day out, you need to enjoy it. When you start thinking about your niche you should first consider yourself – what are you good at? What interests you?


Procrastinate more

When I first started running my own businesses, I would procrastinate by doing tasks that involved product creation and content marketing (rather than the admin and bookkeeping that needed to be done but that I wanted to put off). Looking at the ways you choose to procrastinate can actually be really helpful because they’re a sign of the things that you enjoy and find easy. If you’re not entirely sure what you’re good at, take a look at the things you do when you’re procrastinating and you might find the answer!


What are you known for?

You might find yourself torn between a few niche areas. Most people enjoy several things and are good at a few different things. In this case, consider what you’re most known for. Think about what people ask you questions about. The skill sets that people associate with you are likely to yield the most opportunities. But also, don’t feel that you have to stick it out if you’re not enjoying it or if it isn’t going as well as you hoped. Business is like trying on shoes – the best way to see if something’s a good fit is to just try it.


Do your research

Get online and have a look at what courses are on offer. You might find that some of the more in demand courses match your skill set. However, be wary of some sites that feature under-priced courses (for example Udemy which lists very low-ticket items) as these can be misrepresentative and could lead you to undervalue your own skills. Go to a range of sites to get a representative view of the market and find out what’s profitable.

Ultimately, by creating an online business you’re getting an opportunity to do what you love most all day. And make money from it. Start from this perspective and you won’t go too badly wrong in finding your niche.

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