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Letting go of numbers when you’re building your audience

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. When I used to build audiences for my courses and membership sites, I spent hours obsessing over the numbers of followers I had. What should be my next goal? How many is enough? Shouldn’t it be higher by now? But then something happened: I realised that this was not really about me. It’s about making sure the content resonates with people who need it most and helps them make their lives better. So today, we’re talking all about how to create an audience that loves you back!


Why focus on content quality and not numbers of followers


It’s about building your tribe – you want to create an audience that loves and supports you. It’s so much more important to get the right people into your audience, which won’t happen if you’re driven solely by how many followers you have, or how big your email list is. 


How do I build a following without focusing too much on the numbers?


  • Share content that matters to your audience and is relevant for their lives – speak to their heart
  • Create content that includes your audience in the conversation, not just you! 
  • Keep showing up consistently – let people know you’re never very far away
  • Have conversations – comment on posts, send DMs, be friendly!
  • Use social media wisely – don’t use it as just a promotional channel (i.e. Facebook ads or Instagram marketing)
  • Be confident in your message – if you know that what you’re sharing is good, people will want to follow and support it


If you want to build a following without the pressure of numbers, focus on your content. Create and share quality content that resonates with your audience’s interests. The more often you show up in their feeds or inboxes, the better chance they have at remembering who you are and why they should follow along next time! 


To avoid using social media as just another marketing channel for yourself (i.e. Facebook ads), make sure it is about building relationships instead of driving sales. Make an effort to comment on posts from other users, send DMs, be friendly – make people feel like part of the conversation so when it comes time to buy something from you, they’re happy customers already because they know what makes you tick!

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