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Lies we tell ourselves as entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a mindset that can’t be broken down into a formula or a simple calculation because it’s unpredictable and difficult. But you know what? I myself wouldn’t change it for the world! That’s part of what I love about having my own business.

But as entrepreneurs, we lie to ourselves everyday. We lie about how productive we are, what our goals are for the day, and how committed we are to our success. We lie because it’s the only way to keep going sometimes…

Below are some of the classics I come across all the time when coaching my people.

Hustle hustle hustle

As entrepreneurs, we seem to have this perpetual hustling mentality. When we’re first starting out, we often think that the only way to succeed is by hustling, hustling, and more hustling. This just isn’t true!

A lot of people nowadays are trying to hustle 24/7. Their days and nights are spent either working or sleeping, and when they’re not doing that, they’re on their smartphones. What we don’t realise, though, is that no matter how hard we work or how many hours we put in, we will never get to where we want to be without taking time to rest. Admitting that we need time for ourselves away from our business can be a hard adjustment to make, but it’s these breaks that will actually help us to move forward in a purposeful way.

Constant forward motion

Another common lie we tell ourselves is that we have to constantly be moving forward. But guess what – staying right where you are is OK too! You don’t need to be constantly motivated. You don’t need to be constantly ambitious. You just have to be happy with where you are. Sometimes, being happy with where you are is the best thing you can do for yourself and your business.

Accept every opportunity

Most entrepreneurs tell themselves that every opportunity that comes their way is big, that they can’t miss out on it or they’ll be left behind. But sometimes, you need to say ‘no’ and focus on the opportunities that will be better for you and your business. It’s not that you are unwilling to take on more responsibility, but you need to be mindful of what it is you’re are taking on. Also be mindful of how much work you have to do already – if you’re already at your limit, why break yourself to take on more?

It’s interesting isn’t it? When it’s written down like that, they seem like such obvious lies! When you’re telling yourself these things in your head, it feels very different.

But you need to remember – the lies you tell yourself as an entrepreneur are just that. Lies. They’re stories you’re telling yourself about what you should and shouldn’t do. Learn to tell yourself the truth.

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