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Our top tools for 2022

Set yourself up for success with our top tool recommendations for 2022!

If you’re in need of a helping hand in some areas of your business, have a look through these tools and see if one might be just what you need.

(This article contains affiliate links.)


Making your content searchable is a HUGE benefit to your community. It makes it so easy for them to find exactly what they’re looking for without having to go through all of your content. Simply type in a keyword and Searchie will scan all of your video content, provide a results list, and give you a list of everywhere that term appears. It’s so easy!


Leadpages is our go-to tool for building landing pages for our launches and lead-gen opt-ins. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, and the templates are super customisable. You can connect it to your CRM too (we use Keap).


This is a cool bit of tech to help you set up private podcast feeds. If you want to increase content consumption during your launch, or you’re after an awesome bonus to share with your people, a private podcast feed works really well. HelloAudio will generate a one-time non-sharable subscription link for each person, and hey presto! Your content can stream directly into their ears!

A secret weapon for getting organised, takes all of your repetitive tasks from post-its, Google Docs and note pads and makes them into checklists. We’ve got them for hiring, onboarding, launch prep, daily launch tasks… You name it, we’ve made a checklist for it! You can even add automations, tag people against tasks, and set deadlines.


Our go-to tool for live streaming (this is just for Macs). Set up your live stream in Ecamm and link it to Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, wherever you want! We love using it for our launch events, streaming into YouTube and embedding in a landing page.

Pretty Links

If you’re sharing links, either during launch promo or just generally in day-to-day comms, long and complex URLs are unwieldy and unattractive. Pretty Links is a free WordPress plugin, and makes it super easy to ‘prettify’ your links, keeping them on brand too.

Last Pass

This is our tool of choice for storing all of our team passwords. Last Pass provides a secure place for website and platform login information – no more keeping a password file on your desktop, notes scribbled on pads or sending passwords over Slack.

Word Hero

Need a helping hand writing your product descriptions, blogs, social posts or emails? Why not try out an AI writing tool like Word Hero. Constantly updated algorithms help guide your writing, offering suggestions of wording where you need it. It can even write your whole content piece (with nudges from you to keep it on track).


This is such a simple but effective way of really up-levelling the experience your community gets from you and boosts show up rates for calls. Using AddEvent, add in all of your live sessions and make it available to your membership. They can subscribe, add it to their own calendars and never miss a call.


Intercom is a customer communication platform. Yes it has a live chat messenger and a support desk inbox, but it also has customisable bots and programmable product tours. It’s cool, user-friendly and always releasing new features.


Thrivecart is the only checkout you’ll ever need! Customisable and so easy to use. You can use it for one-off payments, setting up recurring payments/subscriptions, affiliates, product upsells… An incredible tool that we wouldn’t be without.

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