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Right fit calls – what they are and how to use them in your launch!

What are right-fit calls?

Right-fit calls are typically phone calls between yourself and a potential customer / client buyer. This call is all about converting this potential buyer into a customer. We do this by getting together to see if your product / service is right for them. Because we are all about being honest and doing business with integrity, our right-fit calls are NOT pushy or salesy… we just want to get to know you a little better to see if you’re a right fit for us, and that we’re a right fit for you! Remember – each potential client has different circumstances and beliefs, and are at different points in their journey. High ticket offers are not a one size fits all.

Why should you use right-fit calls in your launches?

These are amazing for your launches. After nurturing your audience in your launch, they are so ready to hear from you. They’ll have gotten to know you during your launch, so they will feel more comfortable getting onto a call with you. They’ll be more interested in what you have to offer them, and they may just commit to buy.

How to implement right-fit calls into your launches.

Put a button or link at the bottom of your Sales Page to book in a call with you. Calendly is a great tool to manage this if you use Zoom for your calls. These are typically done via phone calls but we are seeing that they are also done on Zoom too now. Whatever you’re more comfortable with! We also post into our launch pop up group in Facebook the option to book in a call with us – that is where our most engaged people are.

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