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What is it like to be part of an online student community?

As a self-taught entrepreneur, I’ve had many mentors and teachers over the years who have helped me grow my business and learn how to teach others. When I started teaching my courses online, I knew it was important for students to have a place where they could embark on their learning journey together – so that’s why we created an online community for our students!

So what does it feel like to be part of a Love to Launch student community? What are the benefits of being in this type of space with a group of people who are all committed to achieving their goals and following through on their commitments? It’s a feeling that can’t be replicated by any other experience. The love and support you receive from the community is unmatched. You’ll get encouragement from others, accountability, feedback, insights into your strengths and weaknesses that you may not have seen before. And most importantly – you will achieve more than you could ever accomplish by yourself!

Our goal is to create a supportive environment where people can help each other out in their own personal journeys. We want our members to feel like they belong somewhere, because as humans, we all need a sense of belonging to be happy and successful.

And it’s not just the support and friendship of other students that you’ll get in our communities – you get the whole Love to Launch team too! We’re with you every step of the way throughout our courses, and we’re always in the community to answer your questions and give you the support that you need.

We have a commitment to excellence and love working with our students who commit themselves just as much. We want every person who starts their journey through a Love to Launch program to have huge success, and be part of a community who is striving towards that same goal!

What do YOU think? Would being part of an online learning community be something that would really benefit you as well? We love it!

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